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Design Fundraising Direct Mail That Works

Simplicity is ultimate sophistication when it comes to designing your fundraising direct mail. It needs to be in such a way that grabs the recipient’s attention. Indeed, the more details you add, the more likely that your mail will end being trashed. Below are three vital ideas to incorporate in your mail’s design that actually work.

Pre-empt what they will see first and make it visible
Most people only skim through mails. Making sure that your headings are bolded ascertains that your reader has a higher chance of noticing your message. Ensure that pictures incorporated on your mail have captions, and that the PS is in bold. Your recipient should just glance at your mail, see and understand what it is about and heed the call to action.

Make it brief
In as much as your mail needs to be compelling, making it long only increases the probability of it losing meaning. Design it in such a way that it has great but contextual content. Try not to sound too corporate while picking out a message. Practicing a little ‘donor-centricity’ by not necessarily praising your course but by appraising your donors could also increase your intended fundraising proceeds. Make use of bullet point and short paragraphs as they are easier to skim through.

Be specific
Prior knowledge of your intended audience forearms you with knowledge on how much they could be able to raise. People tend to give more when you give them a certain range of specific amounts. Therefore, including a phrase such as ,’Your most generous contribution of $100,$150, $200 or more will go a long way in helping us realize our objective’, will work in your favor.

Fundraising through direct mail is a less costly way of raising money. Done the right way, it is the most efficient method of reaching out to potential donors.


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