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How to Get More Referrals for Your Small Business

Generating more referrals, better referrals, is all about word-of-mouth efforts. You want to get information out about your company so that people will hear the right things at the right time during their buying journey. So how do you do that? By enhancing and making all word-of-mouth efforts more targeted and brand-focused. Consider the following tips:

Offer Gift Incentives. If you’ve ever read Freakonomics or listened to the podcast under the same name, then you’ll already have an idea about the power of financial incentives. Harness that power and offer customers incentives — a gift card or special package — for every new customer they refer to you. This both gives them motivation while also showcasing your own appreciation of customers.
Build Business Partnerships. The more the merrier, right? Look around you at businesses that are within the same industry but perhaps a different niche. Consider their industry reputations and get customer testimonials. Then, offer to work with a business that as a good and trustworthy reputation to create a co-referral program. Such a partnership will benefit both of you as you refer more new and unique customers to them and they do the same for you.

Be Visible. While it might be the most obvious, it is also obvious that a lot of companies struggle with this form of getting referrals. Add a company card to customer receipts or after a business meeting so they both know exactly how to contact you, and they can pass on that contact information to another potential customer. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, register with Google Maps so that information about your store will pop-up on “I need” and “Where is” searches.

Most importantly, focus on not trying to convince people that your company can simply do any given job, but rather that your company is worth seeking out for a given job, product, or service.


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