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How To Use Postcards to Market a Business

With the ever improving technology that defines the 21st century, many people have questioned whether postcards can still be used to market a business. The answer is a resounding “yes,” but there are some critical rules to follow.

1. Disguise the advertisement within the postcard

First of all, the postcard should not look like an ad. Most advertisements are easy to pick out. Potential customers will quickly discard this item. Try to use fonts that look like handwriting. Print with uneven lines. Make the postcard look like a letter. People are more likely to read the postcard.

2. Leave a little mystery

Do not reveal all of the information on the postcard. If the customer knows everything up front, there is no reason to check out the rest of the business. Entice the customer with an attractive offer that will convince them to invest the time to check out the product. Make sure there is an easy web address to guide them to as well.

3. Print the ad on the back of the postcard

For people who have worked in the marketing industry, this is an ad trick. Mailmen have to look at the back of the mail to see the address. This is how they know where the mail goes. Therefore, the mail is placed in mailboxes face down. Print the ad on the back so customers do not have to flip over the postcard to see the ad.

Ultimately, these are some easy tricks to effectively market with postcards. Give it a try and see the results!


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