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Your Marketing Checklist for 2017

Everyone who runs their own business knows the importance of marketing. This is the only way to educate the public about the impressive products and services that the company features. With this in mind, there are some important marketing tips that everyone should keep in mind as the calendar rolls over to 2017.

Business Cards

While some people think that business cards might be antiquated and outdated, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact remains that business cards are an easy, familiar, and portable marketing device that even includes the contact information for the business as a reminder of the services a company provides. This doesn’t mean the business card can’t be spiced up. Use these business cards as a promotion for prospective customers and as a marketing tool to spread the word about the business. Then, watch the phone calls and emails roll in!

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media has completely changed the marketing game. It is not secret that almost everyone has a social media account of some sort, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This gives businesses a direct line of communication to the pocket of their customers. Take advantage of this platform to learn about customers and target products and services to their needs. Best of all, this marketing strategy costs little to no money at all!

Do Not Neglect Promotional Campaigns

Do not be afraid to have customers sign up their friends in exchange for some promotional offer for both parties. This is one of the most efficient marketing campaigns out there because everyone enjoys free stuff. Offer up a discount for a current customer and their friend if they get their friend to purchase something. This doesn’t cost much to the company and helps to spread the customer base. Give it a shot!


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