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Customer Testimonials are Marketing Collateral for Your Business

Customer Testimonials are Marketing Collateral for Your Business

Testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers speak volumes about your business, and there’s no better way to show that your business delivers with integrity. With online reviews readily available for most any product or service, customer testimonials are now part of the sales and marketing process. Potential clients looking to do business with you want to know if previous customers and clients are happy with your service or product.

Ratings and point scores offer an at-a-glance measure of your business’s quality of service, but they lack a personal perspective. A customer testimonial gives the potential customer a personal view of what it’s like to have your product or service, and the positive feelings associated with it. When we read anything from another person’s point of view, we automatically picture ourselves in the same situation. When a potential client reads a positive customer tutorial, they get a mental preview of themselves being satisfied with your product or service. That kind of positive emotional association is immensely helpful in converting that potential client into a buying customer. When it comes time to put money down, they already feel good about what they’re getting, because they know others did the same thing.

Some customers like giving testimonials and writing reviews, and will give one at any opportunity. Some customers, though, as much as they like to read reviews and see testimonials, won’t offer one of their own up, unless you ask them. So, ask your satisfied clients for testimonials and reviews! They won’t all want to, but remember that every review and testimonial you get gives you more credibility, and every potential client gets another opportunity to see themselves in the satisfied customer in front of them.


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