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Print Stands Out in this Digital World

Print Stands Out in this Digital World

Print stands out in a digital world because it is much more personal. Printed brochures, newsletters and fliers give you something to touch and to hold in your hands. Printed media arouses the senses. You can enjoy the musky aroma of fresh ink, the sound of flipping pages, and the visual attraction of colorful imagery.

A customer can thumb through a printed catalog. Friends can glue printed invitations into scrapbooks or add them to keepsake boxes. Potential clients can pin business cards to a bulletin board or save them for future reference. During meetings, a businessperson can take notes in the margins of a printed report. People can crumple letters and try to hit their trashcans from across the room. Sometimes digital media just isn’t as satisfying as its printed counterpart.

Print stands out in the marketing world, a world in which digital media can become overwhelming. Printed materials are certainly longer-lasting because they do not disappear with the click of a link. Smaller printed promotional items, such as ink pens, matchbook covers and notepads are a good value and always appreciated. Keeping logo and contact information in front of customers is very important, and these type of printed items work well to perform that function.

Printed calendars are also good marketing tools. Customers love to receive free calendars with helpful information. Reaching out to rural, farming communities? Add planting dates and moon phases to your calendars. If in the city, add favorite holidays and gift ideas.

Printed materials are the workhorses that can get the job done. Examples include brochures, stationery, promotional materials, price lists, fliers, newsletters, business cards, calendars, annual reports, invitations, signs, sales papers, newspapers and books. Digital has a big place in today’s world, but when you’re looking for the personal touch, choose print.


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