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Print’s Role in B2B Marketing

Print’s Role in B2B Marketing

In your quest to expand your company, it’s important to put your best foot forward when marketing to other businesses to get them to buy from you or hire you. While having a good work ethic, competitive pricing, and superior product are all great strategies, you need to get your foot in the door first. In this digital age, print can have a big role in how you conduct your B2B marketing strategy, and in how successful it will be overall.

Location, Location, Location

Printed marketing materials are easy to distribute to a large room of business professionals. Simply make an appealing flyer, brochure, or other printed piece, then at any upcoming forum or conference you can hand out those pieces to prospective trade customers. Because everyone is there to share information and network anyways, print marketing can be seen as a much more positively received move than emailing the attendees at another time. As well, given the focus of the forum or conference those business professionals will be more likely to look at your work and read it thoroughly.


For many established business people, print materials still give a feeling that digital marketing lacks. The burst of color, the feel of the paper- it has a physical presence they identify with, and are more likely to look over your printed materials than a simple online message.


The fact is many business professionals still read the newspaper and magazine. Communicating to them through the medium they have been familiar with their whole lives is a smart move, and will connect with them faster than a solely online focused marketing attempt.


Print isn’t close to being gone in B2B Marketing efforts. Use it wisely and you’ll see it still has much to offer


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