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The Most Common Direct Marketing Mistakes

The Most Common Direct Marketing Mistakes

After the hard work, energy, and overhead, the last thing any business wants to do is fail at marketing properly. All businesses would prefer to be in the black than the red, and this comes down to marketing. Many start-ups and small businesses attempt to approach marketing themselves, but this does not guarantee success. In some cases, it is the lack of experienced savvy or knowledge of marketing that prevents success. The need or want to gear your marketing to everyone and anyone, the lack of real, genuine testimonials and the lack of a unique brand are commonly overlooked.

Do Not Market To Everyone

This approach may work, but the majority of the time it is best to know your market. Specific marketing is referred to as ‘niche’ marketing. This is knowing your audience and their needs. Any business model is competitive and shark-like in their marketing, but knowing who you are marketing to reduces the wasted money on people who cannot afford or need your product or services.

Use Testimonials

You’ve started your business and obtained clients and customers. Request real testimonials. The more genuine they are, the more believable they are. In this current world-wide environment, people base their decisions on rating systems. Where once word of mouth was a business’ bread and butter, the internet has become the primary source for recommendations and market finding.

Have a Unique Selling Point

Your selling point is what makes your business special. You must set your company apart from the growing markets. Branding is key to marketing and without that specialized unique selling proposition, you may find that you blend in with others in the same niche are you. The more brilliant the selling point, the greater chance of successful marketing.


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