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Working With a Marketing Consultant

Working With a Marketing Consultant

Good marketing consultants know marketing inside and out. Some will even have expertise in your field. However, none will know your business and customers like you do. Before they can devise a strategy, they’ll need to pick your brain to learn some key things about your customers and offerings:

1. Buyer Personas

Most marketing consultants will begin by figuring out who your buyers really are. This isn’t necessarily the person who uses your product or service. For example, if you offer productivity tools for busy executives, your buyers may be the executives themselves — or their assistants or the IT people in charge of managing business tools.

Buyer personas are the foundation of any good marketing strategy because the value propositions, messaging, and channels will be tailored to each persona.

2. Benefits and Differentiators

Marketing is all about convincing people to take the next step that brings them closer to becoming your customer. People often focus on WHAT their product does — its features. Your marketing consultant will need to know WHY people care — the benefits.

If you offer an army of virtual assistants, your customers can use your service to offload low-value tasks. That’s a great feature. However, the compelling BENEFIT is that your customer gets all of that time and brainpower back, so they can apply it to the higher-value tasks that they never actually get to do.

3. Buyer Journeys

Marketing is about optimizing each buyer’s journey, making it easier and more compelling for them to take each next step — ultimately becoming a customer.

Gather details about your current sales funnel to give your consultant a head start:

How many people visit your website?
How do they find you?
How many interactions does it take before someone buys?


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