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Your Email Marketing Efforts Start with Your Data Quality

Your Email Marketing Efforts Start with Your Data Quality

The advantage of email marketing is that it allows you to reach your customers directly. No longer dependent on clicks to a broadly distributed web ad, you are able to target your promotional material directly to the people who are most interested. But how can you accomplish this? No one likes receiving the unsolicited emails that fill our junk folders every day. The secret to keeping your advertising copy out of the spam folder and providing value to your customers is data quality.

Data quality consists of targeting the correct demographic and ensuring that those on your list have already expressed interest. Pulling general email lists from other sources will have the

opposite effect, only serving to alienate potential customers when you want to provide a service for a need they have already expressed. A properly targeted mailing list with quality, current data is without a doubt the most powerful tool in the advertiser’s toolbox, but there is often confusion on how to build this list.

The first data quality principle to follow is market segmentation. Divide your customer base into categories based on their expressed interests and your prior business relationships. For example, if you’re selling books and Customer A reads crime novels, she should be added to the mailing list for crime fiction and not for romance. Based on the data, separate your customer classes, market to their interests and you will see a far higher conversion rate.

The second data principle is to build your list organically from previous sales. You should never miss an opportunity to collect an email address after a successful interaction since that will allow you to reconnect for future promotions with a client who already knows and trusts you. Remember, every successful sale is the best advertising for a future sale.


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